Treasure Hunt 2011 R6 DVDRip

Kamis, 15 September 2011

Title : Treasure Hunt 2011 R6 DVDRip
Size : 400 MB
Info :
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Rating : -
Date Realish : 19 August 2011 (China)
Stars: Ronald Cheng, Cecilia Cheung and Miaoke Lin
Quality : DVDRip

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Download File [UF 400 MB] MKV
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Treasure Hunt 2011 Thiller
Peggy (Cecilia Cheung), the renowned charming director in the advertising industry, was married with a 3 years old son Lucas (Lucas Tse). She was persuaded by her boss to shoot an advertisement on a deserted island with the so-called “The Strongest Man in the Galaxy” kung fu master Mr. Big (Ronald Cheng), a notorious womanizer and his daughter Cissy (Lin Miao Ke). Andy (Ekin Cheng), Peggy’s husband, failed to dissuade his wife to back out of the job, left home in a temper with Lucas. Peggy had no choice but to depart for the island.
At the pier where the filming crew took a boat to the island, Mr. Big had a row with Cobra (Liu Hua) and his 4 fellow ruffians over a new fishing boat. Cobra’s gang got a treasure map and planned to search for a huge treasure hidden on the island. To avoid further publicity, Cobra backed off, but planned to get rid of the filming crew on the island.
On the deserted island, all mobile phones were dead, cutting off all contacts with the outside world. Cobra’s fishing boat was anchored on the other side of the island, where they kept an eye on the filming crew. However, they did not realize that there were two environmentalists, Star (Shao Bing) and his child Starlet (Peng Gen) residing on the island, leading an eco-friendly “primitive” life like Tarzan. The mischievous Starlet walked off with Cobra’s map. Cobra was furious & went after them. While filming the advertisement, Mr. Big, playing Tarzan, collided with Star and fell into a coma. Mr. Big, who had led an unhealthy life, was no longer the outstanding kung fu master he once was. Star, as an expert in Chinese herbal medicines, helped Mr. Big to cleanse all the toxin in his body.
When Mr. Big came to his senses, he felt as if he was a “New” man. When the shooting was finished, the whole crew had a celebration party on the island. Cobra came to retrieve the treasure map but was beaten back by Star’s booby traps. Meanwhile, his men kidnapped Mr. Big’s agent, Wayne (Wong Jing), Cissy and Starlet. With the treasure map stolen by Starlet, Mr. Big, Star and Peggy ventured into the jungle and found the huge stash of treasure at “Heaven beyond the Sky”, where many deadly traps were laid. At this time, Cobra and his men arrived, with the intent to plunder the national treasure…
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